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OTHM Assignment Help: Tips to Write an Outstanding Assignment

If the phrase “assignment” triggers memories of stuffy classrooms, ticking clocks, and looking blankly for hours, don’t panic.

Our 15 proven guidelines for producing a superb assignment can help you achieve success.

Before you begin…

Do Your Reading

Your course or module will provide a reading list; make sure to use it! Your instructors select materials to aid with your assignments and modules. Also, you’ll get useful insights into the subject that will undoubtedly make writing your assignment easier. Therefore,  if you have time, read from sources other than those on your list to support your point.

Check The Deadline

There’s nothing worse  as compare to setting aside time to write. Therefore, you only to look at the calendar and realize you just have a few days left. Therefore, double-checking the deadline ensures there are no unpleasant surprises.

However, there are numerous apps available that may add a ‘countdown’ to your phone or tablet. Use these to remind yourself of the deadline for your assignment.

Plan Your Time

Finding time to write is more said than done, but dividing your time into reasonable chunks will make it much simpler to keep up with your job. To maintain your momentum, set mini-deadlines along the way (for example, strive to complete the first portion by a given date).

However, you must be realistic about the amount of time you have available to prepare to quit up. As a result, if you schedule a writing session for 9 p.m. on Friday, the day when you’d prefer to spend relaxing, you’re unlikely to achieve anything.

Ask For Assistance (if necessary)

If you have any doubts about the question or the assignment’s requirements, consult your instructor. Therefore, it’s preferable to start right than to have to rewrite in the final few days. Remember that your tutor wants you to succeed. He or she will not mind if you ask a few inquiries. You can also take help from OTHM Assignment Writers UK in order to make your work flawless.

Plan Your Assignment Structure

Before you begin, consider creating a basic assignment structure. This can be as extensive as you want, but the general format should include your opening points, main arguments and points, and intended conclusion. Try drafting your idea on sticky notes. These will allow you to simply rearrange your arguments and points as your strategy evolves.


You wouldn’t start a discussion without introducing yourself, and your task is the same. Your first paragraph should present your main argument. Therefore, you need to provide some context and major points about the inquiry, and then describe how you want to respond. Some people find it easier to write their introduction after completing the rest of their work. Give it a try!

Structure Your Argument

As you write the body of your task, verify that each claim you make is supported by evidence. Use the facts or quotes you obtained while reading to back up your case, or to counter it. 

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Struggling to write? Something is more annoying than scheduling aside time to write and then gazing at a blank page. The good news is that there are several things you may do to get motivated. Like changing your location, listening to music, writing another section of your essay, or simply taking a brief pause. If you’re unable to write, consider using your time to read ahead or reread what you’ve already written.

Use Your ‘Essay Voice’

While every higher education institution, school, or college will likely have its own style guide. Therefore, whenever writing a piece of writing, you should always maintain an unaffiliated and professional tone. Avoid slang, excessively familiar terms, and don’t use text-speak!

Therefore, if you’re unsure about a phrase or word, look it up online to see what other publications use it. If it appears in a dictionary or is used by a national publication, it is most likely acceptable for use in your work.


In the conclusion your have opportunity to encapsulate your argument and make a lasting impact on your reader. Make sure to summarize the main points and justifications you made in your assignment, providing supporting evidence if necessary. Don’t include any new ideas in your concluding; this section is only for summarizing your prior arguments

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