Hospitality Management Strategies in the UK: Trends and Challenges for OTHM Students

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The hospitality industry in the UK is fully appreciated as a very colorful and unique sector that represents the basis of the country’s economy. To this end, the task is complicated by recruitment, retention, and staff training.

Hospitality Management Challenges and Solution Strategies for OTHM

Recruitment Challenges

The problem: The UK hotel sector fortunately faces an obstacle in the form of recruitment. One of the factors that makes the business environment in the industry a challenge for businesses is the high turnover of workers, which makes it difficult to have a steady workforce. This problem has been made more severe. As a result of fewer and less skilled candidates in the pool, many businesses, due to the COVID period, have slightly abandoned hiring activities. The trigger is the prospect of generating more income and attaining some certainty in the future by moving away from the traditional sector to other areas where there is better job security and career advancement prospects.
Potential solutions: The hotel market faces recruitment challenges for which companies should come up with a multi-faceted solution. The first thing there’s is the idea of industry marketing sources. They must concentrate on promoting the industry as an interesting career direction through educational or awareness programs, especially the local ones. Through the identification of a wide range of career options and possibilities for advancement, in addition to high competitive rewards, it is likely that people would then consider a career in the service industry.
The joint effort of industry stakeholders, the education sector, and the government is the key to developing apprenticeship programs and other technical-oriented education initiatives. These programs might have been useful tools. Not only to get some needed skills and awareness but also to excel in the hospitality business. Furthermore, developing partnerships with area schools and colleges allows you to present your career through work experience and internships. Highlighting the skills that are to be sought at the highest rank is also an informative factor for young people.

Retention Challenges

The problem: Turnover is equally a serious problem that the hospitality industry faces in the UK. Besides the long and irregular working hours, low wages, and limited career prospects, the high turnover of employees can also stem. From the fact that they too often try to air their concerns to higher-ups and rarely receive proper responses to their requests. The absence of an easy balance between work hours and personal life disturbs employees’ well-being and job satisfaction very much.
Potential solutions: To retain employees, firms in the hospitality business must first focus on talent and later on employee development. Presenting flexible working opportunities, e.g., working part-time, job sharing, etc., can contribute to the employees reaching a harmony between family and work. Adequate salary and employee benefit packages, which comprise medical care and pension schemes, might play a valuable role in improving satisfaction and loyalty among workers in this regard.
It is important to invest in employee training and advancement. It not only ensures that the staff stay with the organization for a long time but also helps their professional development. Organizations should ensure future training options. Cross-training employees in different departments and in different fields of work might help them develop their potential and achieve career goals within the company. Acknowledging and rewarding the employee’s accomplishments. Performance rewards and encouragement for promotion can keep employees in the company longer.

Training Challenges

The problem: Training is undoubtedly the essential factor that helps enhance performance. The performance of the hospitality industry and the quality of service. Nevertheless, some companies are limited in their ability to engage in training programs. As they encounter issues of resource allocation and time constraints.
Potential solutions: The best way of dealing with these challenges includes the modernization of training methods in the workplace. Online learning platforms, along with mobile applications, can provide effective and handy training modalities; this makes it possible for employees to learn at their own pace or whenever they are available. Partnering with industrial professional associations and industry-specific bodies also enables exposure to sector-oriented training programs and certifications.
Furthermore, the idea of establishing mentoring programs that will facilitate knowledge transfer and the acquisition of skills should be added. As introduced, experienced people will perform. As mentors with the task of guiding diminishing staff members as well as supporting them to attain a continuing culture of learning and growth within the organization. To have further clarification on this issue or get overall assistance, please call OTHM Assignment Help UK experts. Get in touch today.


The youth and cereals sectors have faced several strenuous conditions. On the downside, some challenges may arise; however, when these strategies are well-defined, the obstacles can be surmounted. Emphasizing the career choice in the field, assuring a positive work environment, and encouraging the growth of workers. As well as adopting new training trends, these are the most important steps in achieving a winning and stable workforce in the field. This goal could be achieved through capital investment in workers by the UK hotel industry. Which would continue to offer unrivaled experiences to patrons and assist in economic growth

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